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A Music Supervisor is what?

The job title “music supervisor” can mean different things to different people. What it means when you bring me in on a project is that you can immediately remove any and all tough musical decisions, questions, constraints, and headaches from your plate and drop them squarely onto mine. Regardless of the size and complexity of the job, and whether I’m managing the music from start to finish or contributing to just a portion of the project, I bring top-shelf value, thanks to my depth of experience in every facet of the production process.


Whether it’s commercials, film, television, internet content, or corporate media, my strong suit is applying my seasoned chops across a wide array of disciplines, leading the charge through every step of the process and providing you with a musical solution that ultimately delivers on every conceivable shade of sonic awesome. 

How this works: The point of the music supervisor’s job is to find, clear, or produce the perfect music for your project. You might like to start the process by explaining your creative vision to us. If you don’t have a specific vision, we’ll put our heads together and develop one with you.


For example, if an existing artist track becomes the favored solution, I’ll scour indie and pop chart sources (including those of my label and publisher connections) for only those tracks that match the brief and your budget. Once all feet are tapping in involuntary unison, we’ll move to clear permissions for the music. And rest assured: I will always share with you the likelihood of clearance and all pertinent information about use restrictions and timing of the entire rights-management continuum.


Then again, maybe sonic awesome means your project needs a full-blown original score—which leads directly to my wheelhouse. With many years in this scene, working on both coasts, I can bring to the table many of the country’s finest players, composers, producers, music houses, post audio studios, and engineers. Or maybe you’d like to choose both paths—a rights-managed track and an original score—and then pick the winner. I’ve done that many times as well.


Finally, perhaps the best solution would be a perfectly layered sound design bed.

So there you go. That’s what this music supervisor can do for you. I work on half-day or full-day increments. Please don’t hesitate to contact me about your next project. I’d really like to work with you.